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Mr. Sushil Virmani

At Eaton, I am with Mr. Sushil Virmani, Director Sales Asia Pacific - Mr. Virmani, I am here to quiz of interest to our readers , particularly those decision makers who form part of the team making a final decision on purchase of final UPS system, as also some question of interest to the Industry to prosper. I hope you will not mind taking my questions.

Well Dr. Sai it is always pleasure taking to you, I will be rather happy to answer your questions. 

SAI : Cant you guys sit together and say that no participation in reverse auction. People they give strange reasons that our company would be disqualified but actually you people should understand that they do this because they do not get quality required to win on merit.  

Sushil Virmani : I also don’t support reverse auction because it never considers the good options of different competitors which are good value for money. All those companies are left away. They always look at the price and not the quality.  These people never look at the quality and other features. They actually compromise with the quality and features and go for price. For example PSU banks they would clearly give you a reason that we are running slow our system are running slow. Also the private banks they give the same reason. 

SAI : Tell us the biggest challenge that your company is facing in terms of depreciation of Indian Rupees  

Sushil Virmani : Well I expect the current account deficit to go down or to stabilise. Two important parameters which are important to stabilise the rupees are

1. Current account deficit and

2. Political stability.

We expect the political stability to be post elections. We actually require a strong central government and I am very much sure this time we would get a strong central government. It is for the interest of the public at large we need a strong centre which is actually necessary for all the individuals in India. If it does not happen our industry would go under a great crises. I am positive that the coming month would actually be good for the industry and this one year big problem would clearly come to an end. These are some of the problem which we are facing and one more important problem is the huge corruption in the country in the field of telecom and coal which is an important reason why large projects had been halted. Foreign investment did not come in. this has left the industry in a very bad shape in the last 18 months and now I am happy that it is actually stabilising.  

SAI : Tell us about Eaton`s progress 

Sushil Virmani : Eaton is the 2nd or 3rd largest brand in the world. Asia Pacific is one of the most important market for us. We have built many new units in China and this has actually profited us a lot. Earlier we were looking for support from Europe and North America but now the situation is not like that. Last three years have been really good for us and we have launched many new products in India and also we are further increasing our product line in India and the next 8 months are going to be very important for us. 

SAI : Elaborate us on the team support which you get  

Sushil Virmani : I am the one who handles the business and the success which we are getting is actually not possible without the team support which I actually get from my team. I am actually very much lucky to have a very good team base. There support is very good and we also have a very good sales support. We have a very strong after sales team and we also have an system to check individual performance and we also have an system to reward them. I can say that we are the 2nd biggest company in India with an very huge and good service network in India and this would actually not have been possible without the team support which I am getting and I am very much happy for them and the system by which we encourage there performance is able to actually get them work with great dedication. In terms of services we provide it directly and also through service providers and we have an representation in more then 89 cities. In India in every 5 to 6 months we are actually increasing our reach and now we are approaching the T.4 cities.  

SAI : Do you allow your customer to have service centre audits. 

Sushil Virmani : I would say that if such kind of request comes the customer is most welcome to come and visit our place. Infact we actually have an call centre and we have 24*7 helpline number and if any problem is brought by the customer then an ticket is actually issued and we have a team which would monitor all the responses and we our team looks in to the problem and sees that the matter is sorted out and the customer is satisfied and you know what in this world of great competition services play an very important role and this would help the company to make a better place in the competitive world so we would request our customer to actually visit the place if the want to. As of now we have not got any such request from my customer and if such request comes of we would be very much happy to allow them to visit the place and look at the infrastructure and also to judge the value of the product. 

SAI : MNC companies they actually part away with sharing data and we actually get an common answer that its our company policy to not share data so what is your take on this?  

Sushil Virmani :  I think this is actually due to the way the MNC company functions and if you see our own system then we have a well defined system and which to be followed for the betterment of the business. If you want data for the Asia Pacific level then that is actually available but if u want data for the country level say for India then it is very much difficult and this is because we can not have two different channels of communication to the market and we have our channel communication at the head quarter and every region would be governed by the regional head quarter and this is a system I believe which is very much common in every MNC company so that is why I think you are experiencing such kind of no data sharing problem with MNC company. Still if you say that it would be better for customers if we provide the country level data then I will tell you how we have to sort such an problem. We go to such segment based customer and we talk to them about the case studies and also the success stories with then and this is how we believe that we are able to do better rather than to simply say that we are so and so and we have done this much of work in the field. We actually believe in doing rather than speaking. We are today able to grow more than that of the market rate then this is just because of our systematic way of doing work and the commitment towards the task in hand. 

SAI : Talks us something about the solar initiative. 

Sushil Virmani :  No we don’t have any plans to move in to solar in India. We do it in other part of Asia Pacific and mainly in North America.  

SAI : How do you see Eaton progressing in the years to come  

Sushil Virmani : In India we have not made much investment and you must be knowing that a year back we have actually undertaken a company named Cooper. Cooper has some plants in India and we are trying to make full use of it and would try to increase the market products and also the market range and talking about our growth rate there.


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