Power Electronic Industry Analysis Year Ending March 2023...
Softdisk Findings: Growth Projections for March 2024...
UPS Industry Records 5.7% Growth...
Classification of UPS Battery - a Costly interruption?...
WINDOWS 7 : Too good a software...
Retailing Market : Now making a statement...
Gender Equity : Not an even match...
Technology : The new education Enabler...
Evolution and Direction of Intelligent Network Architecture...
Wireless IP-based communications architecture...

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Softdisk, Reporting Power Electronic Industry, Since 1991


With growing popularity, Softdisk has spread to the length & breadth of the country. Softdisk firmly believes that the future of IT lies in rural India, unless we take the services available to the urban masses to the rural India, we cannot realize the true potential of Indian Market. No wonders, Softdisk is much sought after in countries like Taiwan, Singapore, China, South Korea and the likes as they try to storm the Indian Market ferociously.

Softdisk brings to you a wide array of information from latest product news to in-depth articles and software reviews. Our Networking and Internet sections are especially beneficial to net savvy computer professional. Our industry analysis of various IT segments has achieved tremendous response and is widely accepted by industrialists and the masses alike. Softdisk started in 1992 has been doing surveys in the various segments of IT Industry since 1995 and has been coming up with, what has been very popularly known as SD Awards. This has been referred by many as the segmented encyclopedias of the Industry, these surveys are most eagerly awaited in-depth analysis of a particular segment of the Industry which users and companies refer to, as a decision making tool. Unlike other magazines and surveying agencies we don't cluster all the segments of IT industry into one but meticulously subs-segmented even within the segment. SD's Top 10 for the various segment of the Industry is easily the most exhaustive and commonly referenced guide of the industry, which has started influencing the corporate decision making and Govt. buying's. No. wonders, it is referred by many as the bible of the Industry.

Now we have gone a step further by directly going to the users and knowing their satisfaction levels for various IT products they own. These issues of ours have received enormous responses by the Corporate, Big business houses and even the Govt. We have been appointed as an active consultant for the IT infrastructure & power backup requirements for IT Technology Park to be set up in Bhopal, in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

We have tied up with United Writers' Association of India and complimenting 2400 copies to its members with IT and Electronics background. You may note that UWA has international presence with over 70000 members worldwide.

Further with the moving times, we have moved into the renewable energy arena since last two and a half years, we have also instituted Softdisk Solar Awards under different categories along with UPS Awards. These annual awards are given on the Second Sunday of December month every year which is celebrated as UPS cum Solar Day. All these award and every issue of Softdisk are now available online.

Softdisk with its untiring efforts has strived hard to bring this world closer and has played the jockey, in fulfilling, the need for communication & transfer of information especially in India. We are confident that people will harness SD's potential and pave way for the development of IT industry.

Thanks to the enormous response received from the readers,
we today have reached a print run of 43000 copies.