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Power Electronic Industry Analysis Year Ending March 2022


The year 2021-2022 was the happiest year of the recent times for Power Electronic Industry. Many grew while a few failed to do so. Overall, the  industry grew by 5% 

The industry netted revenues to the tune of INR 6730.00 crore. This is exclusively the end-user sales figure. However, the over all industry revenue was estimated at INR 6950.00 crore approx. 

The reason why the total industry revenue is much higher than the actual end-user sales is because many a companies procure finished products from others & brand them as theirs, and our survey team gets the turnover from both, resulting in duplication. With nearly 187 companies responding to our survey, giving us the information this year, we sought in great detail, knowing fully well how much the company has manufactured with excise paid. And also trying to find out, which companies procure finished products from others & brand them as theirs, an exercise which we have been doing only since last ten years, we did all of it again to give continuity to the process.  Out of 187 companies responding only 101 companies were awarded with SD Ratings. 

Most companies have started production to the full throttle,  We are sure the figure which we have arrived at i.e., the actual end-user sales revenue of INR 6730.00 crore mark will be crossed in current fiscal 2021-2022. There will be no wonders if growth ends up over 8% plus in 2023 as the trends indicate. Growth wise it was a good year with most of the majors growing.

A few companies didn`t do as expected due to some internal regions, overall the trends has been positive. 

Revenue-wise: This year 2021-22, the industry was showed a growth of over 5% over the previous fiscals` revenue went up  to nearly 6950.00 crore of revenue was recorded. A clear indicator of a growth over past couple of years. The GDP which was ones at all time low at -22% in the its now the fastest growing economy in the world amongst all countries as per World Bank growth index published at the end of third quarter of 2022.

Volume-wise: Industry sales also went up to 6.10% over previous year in volume terms. This clearly indicates shrinking margins in cases of orders obtained thru tenders and sales to SI`s. One must be clear in mind that this is a very good performance considering the stiff competition and the squeezed margins in view of hammering the companies got during the global economic meltdown & currently facing INR slide and a strong dollar value. However, Softdisk has been long campaigning for companies to look for Bottom Line then Top Line.

Of the total revenue of 6950.00 crores, Online UPSs accounted for 93% while Offline & line interactive UPS show a drop in growth of 7% in volume terms and not have not been a significant contributor in decrease in revenue terms,it increasingly becoming a low margin a high volume game.Modular UPSs have become a hot cake especially in the ITES market & many Indian UPS manufacturers have also ventured in to this space. Smaller UPS companies have opted for SPCUs. 

In revenue term they contributed nearly 2.23% to the GDP. Cooling solutions, Batteries for Home UPS & Inverters were not considered. Sale of SPCUs has definitely picked up. Most MSME level UPS manufacturers are moving towards SPCUs. Of the total revenue organized sector accounted for nearly 89% while 11% came through semi organized and unorganized sector. 


Softdisk went about finding the state of the industry and also how deep they were actually affected by Covid-19 and as India continues to establish itself  in to a fast growing economy becoming 5th largest economy in the world . The first quarter of the financial year 2022-23 was far better as compared to last fiscal. Projects have been coming up in almost all areas but the demands continues to boost, with Atma Nirbhar Bharat Campaign taking up and start-ups coming up in large numbers have increased the demand for having pure continues power. The overall effect is putting expansion plans on a fast track. However, things will further improve in third quarter with government taking lots of measures and investing a lot of infrastructure and defense cooridors. Growth for big IT, ITES & TELCOM segment even during recessionary trend continued was a positive trend for tower infrastructure. This has kept mid segment market for UPS going well (up-to 200KVA). A small power data center with power requirement of 25, 75 to 200KVA rating are also going as per plans.  Softdisk believes that more and more people are moving towards Solar. Some have even manufactured and installed Grid Sharing Solar UPS, with hybrid charge facility (Photovoltaic & Mains). Vertical wise bifurcation for year ending March 2022.

Amongst the UPS major, Vertiv-Liebert with 14% share leads followed by APC-Schneider 12%, Legrand Numeric 11% , Fuji Electric 9% , and AVO 4%, BPE 3%, Eaton 2%, Socomec 2% While others (Including Indian biggies like Techser, PowerOne, Hykon, Uniline etc.)  account for rest. 


Softdisk now predicts a growth of 7% plus percent  that the total industry revenue will touch INR 7440 crore approx by March, 2023. We talked to Industry Captains trying to know what the industry leaders thought of a future ahead. Many had little or no doubt to what Softdisk has predicted earlier, even though this response and continued to have faith on Softdisk analyses, more so the dicesion making utility it has become to the major clients. Rosy future awaits all. Indian economy is growing & so will be the Power Electronic Industry. Softdisk remains committed for transparent reporting, in-depth analysis and as always throwing up forecast & estimates which you can Rely Upon For Sure.

We have Faith, You Rely on us, We Rely on facts.

According to Mr. Subodh Gupta, CMD, Microtek International, The progress of the Power Backup industry, be it Home Ups, UPS for computers or ONLINE UPS for critical applications has been constant and growing. As by the government`s initiative of making power available to every corner of India, the demand for power has also been growing, so is the need for more stable and uninterrupted power. Hence for the next year also we expect the same growth or it could be little more as the economy is opening up post covid.

The effort of Soft Disk or we say of you Dr. Sai as both are synonyms, has been un comparable for the last 3 decades. Like the industry you have been keeping the flag flying high despite so many hurdles and ups and downs during the journey of the last 3 decades.

Many companies have emerged, merged and many have diminished but the SD institution has kept the spirits flying high and has been motivating the companies in this sector year after year with SD Awards. We congratulate Soft Disk and Dr. Sai both on the celebration of 3 Decades of SD Awards. and also wish for another 3 Decades of greater success.  

According to Mr. I B Rao & Mr. M R Rajesh, Directors of Powerone Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 2022 is a very significant year in the UPS industry. India wanted to be a parallel force to China in Manufacturing. So Indian UPS market has to invest on its Manufacturing facilities and Factories. The growth possibilities are tremendous. As an Indian Manufacturer our challenge to compete with global products and supply world-wide, will be tested. We have started our initiatives to those directions already. Softdisk always stood along our way during these years and as expected to be. We wish all the very best for their kind of support and media attentions we got. 

Now in India many UPS companies have taken over by MNC companies & these companies have grown in big way due to big investment & very professional management. your survey is done for top ranking is comparing both Indian & these MNC companies & none of these Indian companies can get better ranking over these MNC companies. Hence you can make two different categories MNC & Indian companies. with this many small /Mid-size Indian companies also can be in the list of top 10 companies which is big encouragement & recognition to them.

Our relation with Softdisk started well before they started conducting the Power Electronics Market Survey in India. Being one of the most unorganized sectors, those days, Softdisk, has predominantly contributed to find out and Analyze the size of the market. We recall the time invested by the Softdisk team to understand our kind of business over the years. Brought together, every year thru annual awards, Softdisk has become the media pillar for the entrepreneurs and it helped the upcoming UPS manufactures to exchange their views and understand the ideas about future opportunities in India.

Powerone always stood along with Softdisk and whole heartedly supporting their initiatives in the market. Exchanging ideas and growth data helped us to understand our position in the market and it our annual conference has discussed about our growth based on Softdisk data. Softdisk hold a major part in the industry with its novel ideas of Product introduction, Data Collection and its analyzation. Softdisk also extend its team to reach the upcoming companies to make sure that the industry always gets its attention. 

According to Mr. Rajaram Ramamoorthy of Electronics & Controls Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, says  as per various market reports, the UPS market in India is expected to expand at a CAGR of over 8% from till atleast 2025. Despite the giant steps taken by the Government to generate additional power capacity, India being still a power deficit nation, power shortage acts as a great opportunity to the Power Backup industry of India. Since every organization today uses computers to carry out their business, there is been a growing trend in recognizing UPS systems as an essential power backup device.  Sustained growth in economic development is also a key driver for increase in power requirements. There is a huge demand for inverters and UPS systems in various sectors across India. The major driver is the IT sector, followed by the IT enabled services and industries, including telecom, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), and manufacturing. 

Post Covid, the move to remote work focusses on the need to maintain power continuity at homes. UPS systems have become integral part of our daily life.  UPS has emerged as a very important appliance as it helps to save the important data in E-Commerce, data centres, servers, and electronic & medical equipment as they need high level of uninterrupted power supply and thus generating significant demand for high power range of UPS systems in India. 

Several global giants such as Mercedes BENZ, Target, TESCO, General Electric, Toshiba, Siemens, and Boeing (among many more) have either set up their Development Center / R&D or are in process of setting up their manufacturing plants in India. The aforementioned developments along with the rising number of data centres across the country will propel the demand for uninterruptible power supply systems in India over the years to come. 

Further, the Government`s initiative to digitize various internal departments and `The National e-Governance Plan` will further boost the demand for UPS systems. Additionally, the initiative "Make in India" intended to improve local manufacturing will in turn have a positive impact on the commercial UPS segment. Demand for high-end UPS is expected to emerge from growing installations of high-end electronic equipment and machineries in industrial set-ups. 

With the above being certain to continue over the next 3-5 years, growth atleast at the rate of 8% CAGR will not be a surprise which will propel the Indian UPS market to witness double-digit growth in the coming years. 

SoftDisk, the UPS Industry magazine, was started by Dr. Sai Krishnan, when he found that there is a niche industry which is silently powering critical processes with uninterrupted power. While there were many magazines which were promoting / publishing adverts of IT Products and Peripherals, there were none to recognize or focus on the UPS Industry. 

Dr. Sai, seized this opportunity and quickly networked with the prominent players of the Indian UPS Industry. He started collecting data from the Indian UPS Companies and started analyzing the data and publishing them on an annual basis. Analysis of various important pieces of information and assessment of the products and services of the Indian UPS companies, SoftDisk started ranking the Indian UPS companies and their Customer Satisfaction Ranking. SoftDisk, since inception in 1990, has been consistently doing this survey since 1992  and has been awarding the top ranking UPS companies for the last 30 years, this year 2022 being the 30th year anniversary.

Receiving and Collating data & analysis from over 700 UPS companies is no easy job. Dr. Sai, with the help of his dedicated staff ensures that data is presented to the Industry. Dr. Sai is also very well connected with the Indian UPS Industry, which helps to bring together all UPS Manufacturers to sort out issues faced by the Industry on aspects related to GST, customs, Service Tax etc.,

According to Mr. S. Sabapathy Micron Systems & Controls Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore,  the energy industry in India weather be regular power or the renewable (Solar, wind or Biomass) has been witnessing a steady growth post Covid, it has been a good last year and the trend continues. I personally expect that we should able to touch double growth in-spite of difficultly in component procurement. 

Digital India initiative has boosted the requitement of continue power and so has been e-commerce initiative, further the work for home culture that picked up during Covid has increased the need for homes  to have continues  and pure power which has helped increased the market. 

Soft Disk is not just a Magazine but it is the Business partner for our power Industries. An agency which provides accurate data which helps us to redefine and develop our business strategy in right direction. As they say "Data is the Business!" and  Business means good correct data. We congratulate Softdisk for the achievement of 30 years award ceremony as uninterrupted as we call our industry we may fail but Softdisk wont.  Our  best   for the year ahead. May they continue like this forever. 

Mr. Sumanth Kumar, President,  (UMDA), : At the outset, I wish to congratulate you and Softdisk India team members for their uninterrupted completion of 30 years in supporting the UPS industry by providing us with honest and constructive feedback. This had a significant impact on the growth of our industry. You have been reaching out to all of us in our UPS industry and collecting data by giving strong attention to all the details pertaining to the industry.

As President of UPS Manufacturers & Dealer`s Association, I appreciate you for sharing your contacts with Government institutions and extending your expertise in preparation of representation for clarification on GST issues. Your enthusiasm and ability to motivate others and promote team spirit has been your strengths. I could visualize your intentions, to see Indian UPS Manufacturers as leaders in global markets in terms of technology and price. We wish to express our sincere gratitude for uniting all Manufacturers in India and supporting us in achieving our goals as global leaders in UPS industry.

As far as industry is concerned, the growth is eminent. As economy up further new avenues open up for both large and small UPS manufacturer. With the ATAMSNIRBHAR BHARAT ABHIYAN picking up we have seen many a start-up coming up each month also work from home culture requires the households to have continuity of power giving smaller UPS manufacturer a new avenues, also with India going more & more digital and even smaller shops & road side kiosks using e-Pay thru UPI scan for payment purposes gives boost to having continuity of power as an essential requirement. On the other hand also the corporate turning towards Big Data have given rise to Data Center from small, medium to Hyperscale Data Center catering to various types of business using different techniques of computing the large scale UPS Modular UPS have picked up their sales. 

According to Mr. Rabindra Agrawal, MD Switching AVO Electro Power Liited Increasing penetration of IT/ITES sector in Tier-II & Tier III cities of the country is anticipated to boost the demand for UPS systems in the coming years. With 63% of Defence procurement budget being allocated for indigenous purchase has raised the demand for high-end regenerative load based UPS systems in various manufacturing & mining vertical. All this augurs well for the industry. 

We thank Softdisk for continuously putting efforts in analysing. Appreciation and recognition are powerful motivators leading to increase the performance of an organization in all the aspects. Softdisk is not just a magazine, which is comprised of all the aspects of Uninterrupted & pure power but also the renewable. The efforts put forward by Softdisk to educate and update the readers are remarkable. We wish all the success to Softdisk &

Dr. Sai for the upcoming years. Dr. Sai is an institution in him self, the transparent reporting by Softdisk without any prejudice is clearly visible. We thank entire team Softdisk for this remarkable milestone (3 Decades of SD Award) achieved. 

According to Mr, Christo George, CMD Hykon India Limited, Trishhur,  Softdisk, under the leadership of Dr. Sai Krishnan is doing a noble activity of connecting all the UPS and Solar EPC to a single platform. Softdisk is taking a great initiative to highlight about the new technologies and other opportunities in the field of Power Electronics and Solar. Softdisk awards & ranking is having a great value and being respected by industry leaders for its transparency. Softdisk has been doing this award functions continuously for the last 3 decades, which is really commendable and appreciable deed. Every industry leaders look forward to the UPS cum Solar Day each year. This didn`t stop even during peak Covid.  as it paves way to a great meeting place to industry pioneers. This helps the industry leaders to meet each other and understand more about the opportunities and issues in the Power electronics and solar industry segments.

He adds o the industry front : The growth of Online UPS will go up in the coming years. In the case of line interactive UPS below 3KW, the market will come down. The reason is that most of the offices started using Laptops instead of desktops. In home segment also the desktops are getting converted into laptops, so the need for small UPS is getting diminished.

As the industrial growth is happening in India and most of the machineries are becoming sophisticated with IOT and electronics controls, the need for higher capacity UPS will go up. The Online UPS with capacities above 10KW will have a growth of 200-300% in the next coming years.

Another area opening up is the higher capacity UPS to control the entire factory machines. This is to control the peak demand load from the Electricity providers. If in an Industry if the peak demand crosses the maximum demand, Electricity providers are putting penalties. This can overcome by installing online UPS which can provide the peak demand power for the connected load. The UPS can set in such a way that  if the demand crosses the power should be taken from the batteries connected to the UPS. In this type of UPS, the batteries can be charged using Solar panels. 

For example: 

  • Maximum demand fixed for an industry = 100KW
  • Continuous power taken by Industry`s machines = 80KW
  • Then, the Maximum demand should be 80KW

But some machines like computers will take high surges while starting.

The peak power for a machine = 120 KW for 60 secs. Then maximum demand will become 120KW. So there should be a penalty and the Industry have to pay monthly extra charges for 20KW.

This can be solved by installing a Higher capacity UPS with minimum battery pack. By this way, the peak power will be supplied from the batteries.

I congratulate Dr. Sai, and Team Softdisk for doing a wonderful service to the Power electronics and Solar Industry fraternity of India.

According to Mr. R K Bansal, MD, Uniline Eergy Systems Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi. The UPS industry is now matured in terms of technology and application.  UPS industry is moving from higher backup to lower backup as the power position is improving all over the country. UPS industry is also moving towards Lithium-Ion battery instead of SMF VRLA battery for better efficiency and from lower capacity Online UPS to Sinewave output Line Interactive UPS.

SOFTDISK magazine is backbone of UPS industry for the last 30 years and serving this industry covering all aspects of UPS industry with respect to technology, application, etc. SOFTDISK is also raising UPS industry concerns with respect to GST and other issues at various platforms at GST council & Government levels.

Acording to U B shenoy, of Alpha Power,Bangalore : It is tough to stay put in the same place for a very long time. However, maybe the word "Tough" wasn`t in Dr. Sai`s dictionary, and he has sailed together with our industry through all the harsh and good times. Setting an exemplary standard for all of us with your work ethics and your dedication. Words are not enough to thank you for everything that you have done so far for the entire industry. However, I would like to extend my warmest greetings on the occasion of 32nd Anniversary. I would like to congratulate you on achieving this fantastic professional milestone of 3 Decades of SD Awards. And also wish you the best of luck for times to come.

The Power Electronics Industry has been doing very well  as Indian economy open up not only to FDI but the growing numbers of start-ups and almost one turning in to unicorn every month is a great indicator to the growth of the industry. This has increased the penetration of the penetration of Power Electronics Industry in to IT/ITES sector in Tier-II & Tier III cities  of the country which was not so before, making  it a big  reason for the boost the demand for uninterrupted power in these places.

Post Covid, the move to work from home is also a reason on the need to maintain power continuity at homes. UPS systems have become integral part of our daily life.  UPS has emerged as a very important appliance as it helps to save the important data in E-Commerce, data centres, servers, and electronic & medical equipment as they need high level of uninterrupted power supply and thus generating significant demand for high power range of UPS systems in India.

Several global giants have set up their facilities in India or their Development Center / R&D or are in process of setting up their manufacturing plants in India. The aforementioned developments along with the rising number of data centres across the country will propel the demand for uninterruptible power supply systems in India over the years to come.

According to Mr. Y B Suresh, Director, Total Power Conditioners, Pvt. Ltd,  Bangalore coming year may be the most challenging in terms of business, particularly for SME segment, because of raw material short supply and fluctuations in pricing of raw materials. After effects of pandemic as well as Globally lot of geo political conflicts is forcing instability in supply and cost of raw materials and also because of weak Global economic conditions, demand for end products also going weak in the market. At present situation supply of semiconductors like Controller and Switching devices are in acute shortage and every supplier is rising supply lead period over 52 weeks with most of the time with no certainty in pricing or supply. As SMEs are unable to plan and invest for anything above 45 - 60 days of inventory, because of very long lead time in supply of raw materials, it becomes very difficult sometimes.I take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Sai and his team on the occasion of celebration of 3 decades of SD awards and 32 years in the industry. It is an honour for any company to reach 25 Years, but in case of Soft Disk it is 32 long years, it served the industry with great courage and enthusiasm and going very strong in coming years also with the leadership of Dr. Sai Krishan, he very determined and dedicated to support the industry, also devoted his time and energy to Softdisk to reach the stage it is today.Softdisk Awards are encouraging businesses across the  industry. Softdisk is like a guardian of UPS and Solar industry, it is supporting and encouraging the industry in each and every step, also associated with the industry in its up and downs and doing rescue act when the need arises. Softdisk is the major force is keeping our Power (UPS and Solar) industry United.

According to Mr. Ramesh Khosla & Adiya Khosla, Directors of Nexus Power Systems Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi industry is coming back on track but will take some time for smaller plyers to realize its full potential. They are very happy with the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, as dumping  of Chinese brands was the main reason for smaller players not growing fast. Though component sourcing is area of difficulty, but still believe that smaller companies will start getting benefit as big players have to raise their prices. They ere very appreciative of Softdisk and its continued effort it had put over the past 32 years making the memorable movement of 3 Decades of SD Awards. Mr Khosla lauded the efforts of Dr. Sai for the commitment shown and conducting near real function digitally during Covid.

According to Mr. K M Krishnamurthy, MD, Powernet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, Market have started picking up, but this is not the time to talk on that. Its Softdisk Time and we say of you Dr. Sai & Softdisk you synonyms, you have been uncomparable for the last 3 decades. You have kept the industry flag flying high despite so many hurdles and ups & downs during the journey of the last 3 decades. Many companies have emerged, merged and many have changed there line of business, But for 3 Decades

SD Awards stands tall any only scale of measurement.

According to Swarup Paul, MD, of Guwahati based Better Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: India being a power deficit nation has a large market for power backup products. There has been a growing trend in recognizing UPS & Solar products as an essential power backup device as nearly every organization today uses computers to smoothen their work-flows. E-commerce, data centers, servers, & electronic & medical equipment need a high level of pure & uninterrupted power supply & Solar Panels and thus generating significant demand for the high-power range of UPS & Solar Panel systems in India. Therefore, the Indian Power industry is expected to witness double-digit growth in the coming years. Soft Disk has been providing the industries a great platform to all industrial products to come under a single roof and showcase their products and helping people to know about the various updated industrial items for the last 32 years. Ranking and rating them has given even the smallest of companies to get noticed. Great work by Dr. Sai & his team Soft Disk to achieve which many a magazines tried to emulate and failed, but Soft Disk Completing 30 years of SD Awards with out even a break during Covid is a no mean achievement.

According to Mr. Shankar Nagali, MD, Cosmic Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore. The UPS industry has taken off once again in terms of Market, technology and application.  UPS industry is moving from higher backup to lower backup as the power position is improving all over the country. SD Awards are in their 30th year have already achieved big mile stones. It is now for UPS manufacturers to support it and take it forward with such a wonderful team content writers, survey team and design team, Now on 1 first of every month the web edition also changes. Kudos to Dr. Sai for bringing in such a wonderful set of people together, gelling them together and yet be as humble and grounded as a man can be. SOFTDISK is also raising UPS industry concerns with respect to GST and other issues at various platforms, which is commendable.

According to Mr. Nararyan Sabhahit, MD, Techser Power Solutions  Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore having recovered from Covid completely, India`s economy is all set to bounce back due to internal consumption Also energy crisis in Europe (making manufacturing expensive or unviable) & China`s continued Covid problems coupled with real estate collapse  could present an opportunity for Indian manufacturers as  favorite destination for western countries. Because of above reasons, the manufacturing activities will see a surge. Softdisk has grown from `just another` to `Only sought-after prestigious magazine/award in UPS Industry`  When Soft Disk started Awards in 1990`s honestly most of us looked upon this as just another magazine/award. Unbiased evaluations of UPS companies has made SOFTDISK  a trustworthy source for all UPS buyers. Today Softdisk`s awards issue finds a prime place in most of MSME/corporate`s bookshelf. Similarly, most of the UPS awardees prominently display their awards in their show cases and websites.

According to Mr. Shivaji Waghmare CEO Fuji Electric India Pvt. Ltd., due to frequent power outages, India has always been a large consumer of power backup products. Urbanization and digitization influence the adoption of online UPS systems significantly across industries. Although the power condition has improved a lot in recent times in India, it is still insufficient to meet the rapid industrial expansion and the growing intolerance towards unplanned power cuts. Today, we witness the rapid growth of business and hybrid work culture from tier II, tier III  & semi-urban and rural areas, which further scales the need of online UPS. Also, the inclusion of more and more electronic products in our everyday lives, coupled with government initiatives like Smart Cities and Digital India, has acted as a catalyst in increasing the sales of power backup systems.

When it comes to a publication that regularly keeps a close watch on this Power backup industry, Soft Disk, has played a significant role for the past 30 years. Their annual reporting and ranking companies every year, reaching the milestone of 30 years. We would like to congratulate the entire team of Softdisk and Dr. Sai for keeping the flag high and covering the power backup sectors. We also wish the whole team tremendous success in the coming years.

According to Mr. Satpal Singh, CEO Numeric (A Brand Legrand), the recent report on World Energy Outlook by International Energy Agency (IEA) has said that India will witness the world`s largest rise in energy demand, due to rapid urbanisation and industrialisation. RBI and various international agencies has estimated that India will continue to have a high GDP growth compared to other countries. There is more reason to strongly believe that the industry is in a very exciting growth phase. 

With India fast becoming a digital economy and a massive push on the digital initiatives across segments, there is a data explosion, accelerating growth of data centres across scale. This calls for uninterrupted power continuity further fueling the growth for UPS.   On the other hand, the rollout of 5G will further accelerate the demand.  The growth across all segments, rapid digitalization, enhanced connectivity and thrust on infrastructure development will fuel the growth for the Numeric is well poised to take advantage of this growth with the right mix of products, solutions and the service strength.

I join all the Numericans in congratulating Softdisk for this milestone. It calls for a lot of dedication and determination to be able to consistently bring out the magazine for the last 3 decades. The efforts of Softdisk in bringing the UPS manufacturers together on the same page, the industry stories and the SD Awards are commendable. We wish you and your team good luck and best wishes for your continued journey.


Currently, UPS business is getting & bright due post pandemic. Companies shouls be prepared to target the potentially high growth segments with right kind of quality products may benefit more. Service support and having good  market penetration will succeed more while some may struggle to catch up. Softdisk appeals to the manufacturers not to under quote in a raise for top line, but to focus for profitability by improving the bottom line.

We wish a very good year ahead for all the industry friends.

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